Signs of the Times – A Biblical Point of View

No civilization in the history of the world has ever survived the vices of blasphemy, perversion, anarchy. If our country were to do so it would break the precedent of history and become the first. But that will not happen. With God, justice delayed does not mean justice denied. In His dealing with the human race as King over the whole creation, God has warned time and time again about the consequences of mocking Him and His Word, of ignoring the natural and biblically prescribed order of morality, and of growing indifferent and defiant toward God’s patriarchal system of authority.

Gibbon and others who have extensively written on the history of the Roman Empire have noted time and time again that Rome did not fall because of pressures from without. The Roman Empire collapsed into its own hole when the foundation rotted out from under it because of perverted moral behavior, indifference toward God, and dire social disorders. It is endemic to the citizens of every country and civilization that they think they are immune to the diseases of history. “After all, we are Americans, we are a nation founded upon a belief in God, and it will not happen to us as it has happened to others.” The entire precept that this is a Christian nation founded upon Christian principles is misguided but this little article is not about making that argument. Whatever we may have been in the past, the significant point is what we are now. In institutions of public learning, in the halls of government, in the entertainment industry, and so-called documentaries on television God, the Bible, the literality of Creation, and the historicity of Adam are under open, contemptuous, sneering, and all-out attack. In sitcoms on TV, in public education down to the kindergarten level, in the courts of the land, in the halls of Congress, and the White House the right of citizens of this country to deny and defy the biblical prohibition against lesbianism and homosexuality is being militantly promoted.

Professors in colleges, activist groups throughout the land, and the media have joined their voices and shouting down the rightful authority of husbands, fathers, law enforcement, civic officials, and even to the highest level of the president. The dreadful malaise of blasphemy, perversion, and anarchy is not a passive thing that has gradually crept upon this. It is part and parcel of the war between good and evil; light and dark; the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. My gift of prophecy does not extend to predicting times and dates in the future. But it does permit me to say that if time goes on this trend will not be permitted to continue indefinitely. These social diseases invoke both the subjective and objective judgments of God. Concerning subjective judgment, it is sowing and reaping. These trends in society inevitably mean not only the death of the family, the structure of the business, and public order; but mental, moral, spiritual, and physical decline and decay. Unless there is a national conversation and the situation turns around (and there is no indication of that happening in the history of unregenerate societies or the Bible concerning those who do not know God) this nation will soon go the way of history.

As a pastor, a writer, a commentator, and a counselor of nearly half a century my great concern is not for what is happening to this country because it is inevitable if one takes his blinders off and reads the Bible as it is written. In the last days, evil men and seducers will get worse and worse deceiving and being deceived. Doom is written across the face of not only America but this entire creation made for Adam and it is only a matter of time until it is thrown in the fires of God’s judgment and destroyed. Any Bible-believing Christian who questions that should read, and read carefully, the third chapter of St. Peter’s second letter to the church. What concerns me is the carnality and humanism in Christendom today and the way the outward church has hitched itself to the fate of secular society.

The myth that it is somehow the duty of the Church to reform society and get unregenerate men “Back to God” is a heretical development that is taking many of the people of God down with secular society insofar as their ambitions, possessions, and life’s work is concerned. It is time, and far past time as the 13 chapter of Romans notes, for the people of God to come out from among them, to wash their hands of the unclean things of this world (II Cor. 5), and get their minds and goals and live back over into the Kingdom of God (which is in this world but not of it) where they belong. It is time, as St. James has boldly stated, to cleanse our hands, purify our hearts, to take an attitude of contrition toward the carnality into which we have been led by religious humanism, and to draw near to God. There may not be much time left for this searching Christian to do that, and the Day of Judgment will demonstrate to the church of all ages the folly of those who fail.

I am a scholar who has done extensive research on the Civil War. I am also a theologian whose radio and TV exposition of the Bible for forty-five years is widely noted.

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