Spending Quality Time With My Kids!

After so many years of being a single mother, I have experienced many trials, hardships, and problems in facing life but despite it I am still very thankful because it made me a stronger person and lead me closer to God. I have also received so many beautiful blessings in life that really made my life very bountiful, colorful, and meaningful. So I’ve realized that true happiness and contentment in life doesn’t only rely and depend on having a lifetime partner but it depends on how well you live your life to the fullest together with your kids, loved ones and friends.

So from then on, I always make sure that I’m spending quality time with my children during weekends so that they would not feel the emptiness for not having a father image at our home. And it’s really worth it because it makes our relationship is getting stronger each day and we’re even getting closer as they grow older, in fact, they don’t only consider me as their mother but their best friend as well.

It was a few years ago that we had a lazy Sunday wherewe can’t find anything to do or play so I’ve decided to introduce to him and teach him how to play a Scrabble game. Even though at first he found it quite boring and difficult to play because he’s not familiar with words but a few months later he’s starting to enjoy it and the best thing happened is that he became more smart and intelligent. So I highly recommend to all mothers to introduce to their children this kind of game because it’s very helpful for their brains and self-esteem.

It’s also a great way of spending quality time with your kids because you could have more time chatting, laughing together and helping them building their vocabulary. I used to remember before that every time he’s having assignments about English grammars and spelling, we used to use dictionary to verify words, spelling and find out the meaning of words that he doesn’t know. Fortunately after playing this games many time, it helped him a love because he know more words and remember their definitions and its correct spelling.

Despite of the fact that sometimes he gets a little frustrated when he can’t look for the right word to put in the game but I’m always encouraging him to keep trying. So I’m sure we could just keep on playing this kind of game, sooner or later he will become an expert Scrabble player. So why not try playing this educational game with your kids at home and enjoy your bonding moment together? In this way, you would be getting closer to your children and get a chance to know them better. Just always remember to spend quality time with your kids while they are still young because when they reach the adolescence period, time will come that they would spend more time with their friends and lesser at home.

But if your kids don’t like playing Scrabble, don’t worry because you could still bond with them by knowing what their favorite past time or hobbies so that you can also involve with each of their activities. And always show your great love, care and affection to them while they are still young so that they will be able to enjoy the beauty of life.


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